Cosmetic Fillings (Bonding)

Repair Teeth in Our Redmond, WA Dental Office

In addition to the information on the fillings page, composite fillings are also a popular option in cosmetic dentistry. It can be used in many esthetic cases and all cavities on front teeth have been filled with composite for some time now. Its increased use has been driven largely because of its improved durability and selection of colors. Restorations can now be done that blend in with the surrounding tooth structure even better than before.

When Do I Need Composite Fillings?

  • Filling decayed front and back teeth,
  • Replacing silver fillings,
  • Filling in the gaps between teeth,
  • Lengthening worn teeth,
  • Covering up discolored areas,
  • Making slightly twisted teeth appear straight,
  • Repairing small to moderate sized breaks in teeth.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

  • Costs less than porcelain restorations,
  • Can be completed in one day,
  • Does not require the removal of tooth structure,
  • It’s repairable.

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