Specialists (Pedodontists)

Why See a Redmond, WA Pediatric Dentist (Pedodontist)?

When it comes to children’s oral health, dentistry is different than medicine.  General dentists are trained how to treat kid’s dental needs.  Some dentists have decided that they don’t like pediatrics and refer these patients to specialists called pedodontists.  Pedodontists have completed dental school and then continued on to a specialty program where they learn how to treat complex cases and patients with special needs.  Children who are especially fearful in the dental office do well with them because they have the equipment and training to monitor sedated patients.

Most kids are easy-going and do not require this level of care.  A large percentage of my patients are children and my staff and I always look forward to seeing them.  I make a point of going to pedodontic education courses often so I can stay up-to-date on children’s care.  My philosophy is to complete the important things at a first visit like an exam and then continue with the cleaning and x-rays depending on how comfortable the child is.  Each time they see us it gets a little easier and we can do more.  The goal to make sure they are healthy while making their experience as positive as possible.  This leads to a lifetime of not fearing the dental office.

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