Our office is now open for all dental procedures! While cleanliness & infection control have always been a high priority in our office we have added additional precautions as recommended by the ADA. You will be informed of these changes when we confirm your appointment and through an email listing our changes. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

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"Twelve years ago I immigrated to the US and for the same amount of time I have been Dr. VanDerSluys patient. When I first saw him I had many issues including periodontal disease and bad root canals that were done in Romania. Before I met Dr. VanDerSluys I was certain dentures were in my near future, however after advising me to get a gum graft Dr. VanDerSluys treated my periodontal issues and gave me a new beautiful smile in the form of a dental bridge. In the twelve years we have moved a number of times, each time further away from Dr. VanDerSluys office, but because of the excellent friendly treatment have never considered switching dentists."
"Dr. VanDerSluys and his staff are always friendly, considerate and professional. They make any visit as short and comfortable as they can, and they don't try to hard-sell you on optional treatments or products. I'm glad to refer others to his practice any time"
"I had a chipped tooth and my old dentist was not available, I also hated to go to them for cleanings because they ALWAYS found something that was just within my insurance's limits.

This office was were able to get me in that day and had a temporary fix that day. He also did a great job on a permanent fix and cleanings are much better than my previous dentist. If you want personal care from a great dentist, this is your place."