Tooth Sealants

Dental Sealants in Redmond, Wash.

Sealants are an effective treatment that prevents cavities from forming on the biting surfaces of back teeth.  The grooves found there trap food and plaque which can lead to decay.  Sealants fill in the grooves with a tooth colored material and eliminate the food trap.  Lasting 6-8 years, the idea is to get kids through the time when brushing habits aren’t always consistent and these areas are more prone to decay.


The procedure involves cleaning the surface of the tooth and “painting” the sealant into the grooves.  No drilling or anesthetic is necessary and the procedure is very comfortable for kids.

What Makes Our Sealants Special

Our office goes the extra length to make sure our sealants are the most effective they can be.  Instead of just polishing the surface of the tooth, we use a special sand blaster to make certain no decay has started in the grooves.  In addition, our state allows assistants to place sealants without any help, but I personally place all of the sealants in my office with the help of my assistant.  This I think leads to a longer lasting result.

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