Teeth Cleanings

Dental Cleanings in Redmond, WA

Regular teeth cleanings, or adult prophies, are needed to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  It is recommended to have your teeth professionally cleaned at least every 6 months.  During this appointment, stains are polished off and all of the hard deposits at or slightly below the gum line are removed.  These hard deposits are formed when plaque is hardened into what dentists call calculus.  Also called tartar, it cannot be brushed off and if allowed to accumulate too long, can cause the gums to turn red and start to bleed.  This is what we call gingivitis.

Deep Cleanings

Gingivitis that is left uncontrolled can develop into periodontitis.  When someone has periodontitis, the bone starts to erode away and the calculus develops far below the gum line.  For these patients, the normal adult cleaning is ineffective.  They are better served with a procedure called scaling and root planning.   Also called a deep cleaning, this is the best treatment to stop the disease.

Studies have shown that gingivitis and periodontitis can be a factor in heart disease, premature childbirth, and diabetes.  So, it’s important to make the trip over to see us twice a year.

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